BOC Multi-Currency UnionPay Credit Card
Taiwan cash rewards trip
5% cash rebate

Eligible Cards BOC Multi-Currency UnionPay Credit Cards 
Promotion Period 2019/03/02 - 2019/09/30  
Coupon Type  Overseas->Taiwan

Promotion Details

Promotion Period:
(1) 2019/3/2 - 2019/6/30
(2) 2019/7/11 - 2019/9/30

During the promotion period, BOC Multi-Currency UnionPay Credit Card cardholders (first six card number: 622380, 622479, and 622480) who spend at Taiwan can exclusive enjoy 5% cash rebate:

1. Food and Beverage: 5% cash rebate for spending

2. Non-F&B retail transactions: 5% cash rebate for single transaction that spend upon MOP500.

* A maximum of MOP300 rewards for each cardholder for each month. Only retail transactions (Not accept the following MCC code: 6XXX[Financial institutions, Non-financial institutions, Securities, Insurance, Real Estate Management services etc.], 8XXX[Medical, Legal, Education, Charity, Religious, Architectural, engineering, Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping services etc.], 9XXX[Government Services]) of BOC Multi-Currency Credit Cards are eligible transactions for this promotion program. Cash advances, financial charges, auto-payment, annual fee or overdue charges are excluded.

BOC 24/7 Service Hotline: 88895566

Service Address: Bank of China Building, Avenida Doutor Mario Soares, Macau (or visit 36 Sub-branches for inquiries

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