Macao Radio Taxi Services Limited
Automatic Payment Offer

Eligible Cards BOC Multi-Currency UnionPay Credit Cards 
Promotion Period 2019/08/01 - 2020/06/30  
Coupon Type  Lifestyle

Promotion Details

From now till June 30, 2020, eligible cardholders (card bin: 622380/622479/622480) who successfully bind  with the “RADIO TAXI” APP can enjoy up to MOP200 offers:

Offer : Instant Discount
Enjoy Instant Discount MOP10/MOP20 upon spending of MOP30/MOP60 at “RADIO TAXI” APP with BOC Union Pay Credit Card. 

*A maximum of MOP200 reward per promotion period
*Offers can only be enjoy by 10 times per card. 
Q2. How to Registration?

                          STEP 1: Download “TAXI”APP        STEP 2:Select "Individual Information"

                         STEP 3: Select "Frictionless Pymt"     STEP 4:Select "UnionPay Frictionless Pymt"

                    STEP 5: Enter "BOC Multi-Currency   STEP 6: Verify "Mobile Number"* 

                               UnionPay Credit Card" number             and Enter "Card Information".

                                                                                            *Same with the bank reserve mobile number

                        STEP 7:Enter "SMS Verification Code"  STEP 8:UnionPay Frictionless Payment 

                                                                                                       Service Open Successfully

Cards Acceptable    

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