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Eligible Cards BOC Multi-Currency UnionPay Credit Cards 
Promotion Period 2020/03/23 - 2020/06/22  
Coupon Type  Lifestyle

Promotion Details

1. During the promotion period, eligible cardholders can enjoy MOP10 cash rebate with single transaction of MOP50 paid with UnionPay QR Code. Each customer can enjoy up to MOP200 cash rebate during the promotion period.

2. During the promotion period, eligible cardholders can enjoy MOP20 MACAU TAXI APP e-Voucher with accumulated 6 transactions of MOP50 per month. Each customer can enjoy up to MOP120 MACAU TAXI APP e-Voucher rebate during the promotion period.

Promotion 1 and Promotion 2 were full, the last date of ‘Eligible Transaction’ at 15, May 2020.

Two ways to register and use the UnionPay QR Code, click the links for more details:

BOC (Macau Branch) APP or UnionPay APP



1. The offer is only applicable for BOC Multi-Currency UnionPay Credit Cardholders, the first 6 digits are 622479, 622480 and 622380.

2. The eligible transaction is only applicable for UnionPay QR Code transactions.


3.The rebate reward will be credited before Jul 31, 2020 to the customer’s BOC Multi-Currency Credit Card used during the Promotion Period.

4. The MACAU TAXI APP e-Voucher

    (1) The MACAU TAXI APP e-Voucher will be rewarded after the promotion.

    (2) The mobile number registered in MACAU TAXI APP must be the same as the pre-registered one with BOC (Macau Branch).

    (3)The MACAU TAXI APP e-Voucher is valid with 3 months once redeemed, e-Voucher can only use one at a time.

5.  Promotion available while stock last.

Cards Acceptable  

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