Panda e-Wallet Card
The e-Wallet Card Series of Macau Giant Pandas

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Promotion Period 2017/05/15 - 2020/12/31  
Coupon Type  Lifestyle->Entertainment

Promotion Details
To celebrate the birth of the new pair giant pandas “Jian Jian” and “Kang Kang” and to support the conservation work of giant pandas, Bank of China Macau Branch (“BOC” or “The Bank”) launches the BOC e-Wallet Card (“The Card”) jointly with Fundo dos Pandas in 2016.
It is convenient for cardholders to make the transactions with the Card by the recycling top-up function, supporting the conservation of giant pandas and also contributing to environment protection.

1. Sales Period
The limited 3,000 units are available for sale from May, 15, 2017 while stocks last.

2. Selling Price
MOP50 (no stored value inside), of which MOP25 will be credited to Fundo dos Pandas as donation after the deduction of administrative handling fee.
10% of the operating profit from this Panda Card will be donated to Fundo dos Pandas as one of the sources of funding for the conservation work for the Giant Pandas in Macau.

3. Sales Place
Available for sale at all sub-branches of the Macau Branch.

4. Customer Services 
4.1 Topping-up and Checking the balances
This is a dual-currency dual-wallet card consisting of a MOP and a RMB e-Wallet. The balances of these 2 e-Wallets are independent of each other and can be topped-up up to a maximum of MOP/RMB1,000 each wallet. Cardholders may top up and check the balances of the wallets via any BOC Express machines, cash deposit machines (“CDM”) and Android cellphones with NFC.
4.2 Card Replacement
The Card is valid for ten (10) years. During the validity period, malfunctioned or damaged card can be replaced at any BOC sub-branches (Card type available for replacement will be subject to the decision of the Bank). The remaining balance of the malfunctioned or damaged card will be credited to the replacement card after a designated period of time.
4.3 Refund
Refund of the remaining balance can be arranged at any sub-branches of the Bank whenever the cardholder decides not to use the Card anymore.
4.4 Loss of Card
The Card is unregistered and the stored value of the e-wallet is equivalent to cash, therefore, it cannot be reported lost. Please keep the Card in a safe place at all times.

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