BOC Mulit-currency UnionPay Credit Cards
Local F&B up to 5X Bonus Points

Eligible Cards BOC Multi-currency Credit Cards 
Promotion Period 2017-01-03 00:00:00.0 - 2017-12-31 00:00:00.0  

Promotion Details
What Credit Card do you use for your dining bill? 
Of course BOC Multi-Currency UnionPay Credit Card! 
Exclusive 1.5-5X Bonus Points!

Mon to Thu 1.5X Bonus Points
Fri to Sun 2X Bonus Points
1. 28th/29th/30th day of the 12th Lunar Month (1/25 – 27)
2. Valentine's Day (2/14)
3. Easter (4/14 – 15)
4. Mother’s Day Eve and Mother’s Day (5/13 – 14)
5. Father’s Day Eve and Father’s Day (6/17 – 18)
6. Mid-Autumn Festival Eve and Mid-Autumn Festival (10/4 – 5)
7. Winter Solstice (12/22)
8. Christmas Eve and Christmas (12/24 – 25)
9. Near Year Eve (12/31)
5X Bonus Points

Bonus Points Terms and Conditions: 
1. ‘Eligible F&B Transaction’ made by both main and additional cards are counted collectively.
2. 1.5/2/5 X Bonus Points already includes the basic 1X Points offered through the use of credit card under respective credit card promotional programs as well as the extra Points offered under this Promotion.
3. The extra Points will be calculated and credited to the Card Account the next month. 

Cards Acceptable  

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