Acquiring Service

Comprehensive service to create opportunity 

Accepted card types:  three international schemes of VISA ,MasterCard and UnionPay.
Settlement by small payment: provide the settlement service of UnionPay ,QuickPass.
Transaction mode: provide the POS transaction, batch business.
Advanced equipment and comprehensive service covering: POS terminals not only can be connected to provide charge management system, but also in response to the industry or application to provide 3G wireless equipment. 
Online Merchant Services Platform can help the merchant to check the account easily: providing nearly 12 months and immediate transaction inquiries.
24 hours service supporting: to provide 24 hours service hotline.
Branch services throughout Macau can provide you diverse support and services.

1. Normal acquiring business function
‧To provide advanced acquiring business machine which can be suitable for the needs of all industries.
‧24 hours 365 days of acquiring customer service hotline is without interruption.
‧Accepted Visa / MasterCard / CUP card transactions handled can help you to offer the service to guests all around the world and do not miss any opportunities.
‧Posting fast payment transaction and your funds can be used flexibly.
‧Support chip cards, magnetic stripe cards and UnionPay/QuickPass, customer can be covered all-around.
‧Provide thermal paper or two linked papers to meet your actual needs.
‧To check the transaction records on the Internet is convenient and quick.
‧The machine can be connected through a telephone line or the Internet.
2. Online acquiring function
‧Provide advanced and secure online acquiring services can let your business / services throughout worldwide to create opportunities.
‧Provide 3D Secure Security Certification to ensure transaction safety.
‧With an online acquiring management platform can allow you manage your online business and create international business opportunity anytime.
‧Provide MOTO function, receivables cycling and batch business function.

3. 3G wireless POS machine
‧It is applicable for specified trades or venue to make a breakthrough in restrictions of environment and area and grasp the willingness of the customer transaction.
‧For Exhibitors, the use of POS machines no need to be confined by a telephone or network lines. It also can increase flexibility and reduce many restrictions of exhibition.
‧For the restaurant business, 3G wireless machine can be used directly to complete the transaction in front of customers. ‧The credit cards no need to leave the customers’ sight which can make your services more intimate and customer spend more confidence.

4. Applicable subjects
‧The various retailers do business in Macau.
‧Need to open a savings or checking accounts in BOC.
‧BOC merchant acquiring business service can be applied immediately.

5. Documents required
‧Effective business registration certificate
‧Valid business license (M1) and sales tax (M8) issued by the Macao Finance Bureau
‧All account holders, the license holder of sole proprietor or the specified authorized represents of the articles of association or shareholders Ltd. / Board Proceedings have to take  a valid identification file
‧Visit the Bank of China Macau Branch to handle the business.